Support Co-ordination / Case Management

Support Coordination / Case Management

The IHCS offers Support Coordination which is a service that assists people with a disability to access the services and support they need to live their lives. Support Coordination is about linking people with the right services and support to meet their needs. It includes assisting people in accessing services, ensuring services work well together, and advocating for people with a disability. 

Support Coordinators work with people with a disability, their families and carers, and service providers to ensure that the services and supports a person receives are the best possible match for their needs. The IHCS Support Coordination team comprises highly experienced and qualified professionals passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with a disability.

We will work creatively and resourcefully to achieve goals by assisting in the following areas:

IHCS provides Support Coordination and Case Management. We will collaborate with you to find innovative ways to use your assistance budgets to help you reach your objectives by offering the following support: 

– Encourage planning 

– Identifying and connecting to local resources 

– Guidance on how to use services 

– Review and monitoring of support services 

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding our case management and support coordination services. To help participants and their families find and use the resources and tools, they need to live as independently as possible; we collaborate with them. We also offer guidance and assistance to support workers, families, and caregivers.

Who should get Support Coordination?

IHCS offers a Support Coordination / Case Management annual review process. Support Coordination can be provided to an NDIS participant who: 

• Is assessed as requiring support to exercise choice and control about engaging and maintaining relationships with NDIS providers and about planning 

• Has been assessed as having complex needs that require ongoing review and management, and where there is a need to ensure the mix and timing of services meets their needs over time 

• Is assessed as having difficulty accessing services and maintaining relationships with service providers without additional assistance and Community Nursing Care 

• Is assessed as likely to benefit from having a support coordinator to plan, monitor and review their NDIS support 

A support coordinator can help you:

• Develop your plan 

• Engage service providers 

• Monitor and review your support 

• Coordinate your services.

IHCS is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a company to offer support coordination or case management services. We have a group of highly qualified experts who can collaborate with you to ensure you receive the services and assistance you require. We can assist you in navigating the intricate web of support and services and put you in touch with the tools you need to lead the life you want.

What does a Support Coordinator do?

IHCS offers Support Coordination / Case Management is a process of planning, coordinating, and monitoring services and resources for people with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Support coordinators work with individuals and their families to develop a support plan that meets the person’s needs and preferences. The individual’s support plan is a document that outlines the services and support that the individual will receive. It includes information about the individual’s goals, the services that will be provided, who will provide the services, and how the services will be coordinated. 

The support coordinator ensures that the services and support in the individual’s support plan are provided. They work with the individual, their family, and service providers to ensure that everyone is aware of the individual’s needs and that everyone is working together to meet those needs. Support coordinators also provide information and referrals to other services that may be helpful to the individual and their families. They also provide advocacy and support to individuals and their families.

Our support coordinator is a qualified individual who can advise and aid people with disabilities and their families. To ensure the person obtains the resources and assistance they require to live as independently as possible, they collaborate with service providers and other support staff.





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