SDA also includes 5 Building Types.

If you sometimes act in a way that may not be safe for you or the people around you, then Robust SDA might suit you.

The walls, windows and other things in a Robust home aren’t easily broken. It has good sound-proofing, so that sounds from outside don’t upset you, and so that any noise you make doesn’t upset the neighbours. The doors and windows are secure. A Robust home will also have a space where you, other residents or staff can go to keep safe.

  • Apartments Self-contained units in a larger residential building
  • Duplexes, villas and townhouses Separate but semi-attached properties on one piece of land. This includes housing, such as granny flats
  • Houses Detached low-rise dwellings with garden or courtyard areas
  • Group homes Houses for 4 or 5 long-term residents
  • Larger dwellings For more than 5 long-term residents

Disability Accommodation in Melbourne

Each person has their own bedroom and can furnish it as they choose Melbourne disability accommodation. You will also be involved in all aspects of maintaining your home environment. Our group homes support from two to five people per house and are staffed with community support workers. Most group homes have a community worker sleep over each night who can, when and where needed, wake during the night to provide any needed support.





Melbourne, Australia