SIL Accommodation

SIL Accommodation

Each house is constituted from the characters developed by the individuals living inside. Our bouncy houses are credited with offering the most homely feel for the residents. With our beautifully and heartily designed and decorated SIL Accommodation, you will receive acknowledgment and praise from external agencies, auditors, and community visitors.

We always encourage our residents to customize and personalize their bedrooms with decorations and furnishings of their choice. Over the years, we have organized special calendar days so that you can spend time with your friends and family to maintain contact with near and dear ones.

Our SIL Accommodation service includes –

  • 24/7 support
  • Personal care
  • Daily living assistance
  • Community participation
  • House maintenance and assistance
  • Matching you with like-minded people
  • Residential shared support options for like-minded people.
  • Support to arrange SIL accommodation modifications as required.
  • Social skills development and support through hobbies and group activities.

Benefits –

  • Improve your housekeeping skills
  • Taking control of your own choices
  • Learn how to work within a budget
  • Feel safe and secure in your own home
  • Increased confidence & personal independence
  • Stay close to friends and family within a well-known surrounding.

Why Choose Us?

Our skilled staff will offer a wide range of support areas like personal care, skill development, independent living, participation in community life, household duties, etc.

Each resident is offered a key worker who will take special interest in their well-being & make sure that they are working towards achieving nursing care. To ensure residents’ needs are supremely met, they liaise with the community and specialists based services.

It hardly takes 60 days for an individual to enter the service to plan the consultation and collaboration approach with the relevant and resident stakeholders. The plan figures out the outline of community nursing, and those can be achieved using the available resources and network channels.





Melbourne, Australia