Motto & Why IHCS

Our motto is : “You choose, we make it happen.”

We pride ourselves on providing a person-centered model of care to all our clients.

Why Choose IHCS as your NDIS Disability Provider?

  • A personalized experience from friendly and professional staff. Our experienced, bilingual staff are passionate about the people we serve and the services and the programs we deliver.
  • Support and encouragement to implement your plan. We will help you to feel more confident about managing your support and implementing your plan.
  • Tailored, flexible services personalized to your needs. With a deep understanding of your likes and dislikes, we can provide advice to help you make informed decisions. As your needs change, we will work with you to ensure you receive the services and quality care you require.
  • Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to support you every day and night, including weekends and public holidays. Services can often be arranged within 24 hours and our flexibility means we can support you in an emergency or once-off basis.
  • We provide comprehensive service.

We wish to treat every participant needing care just like any other person likes to be treated. Every human being has some sort of disability, no one is perfect ! We are totally against any form of stereotypes or discriminatory attitudes based on disability, race, Colour or religion. We have therefore, established a zero tolerance discipline to all staff and management. We welcome your feedback so we can improve our services to serve you better. We like you enjoy your journey with us without stress or anxiety. We want you to feel and experience a fantastic happy atmosphere full of fun and feel that all your needs are taken care of. We will do whatever it takes to make you feel at home. Every human being deserves respect and dignity and we want you to achieve your goals whether it’s studying , music, art or sports where possible and we hope that we can make a positive difference in your life. Welcome to Imperial Heath Care and disability services. “(Nash Hashemy)”

IHCS is a progressive company specializing in the provision of participant centred supports that places a premium on the progress toward participant goals.

IHCS is a  company whose main focus is providing a quality service rather than a quantity service. We begin by following our recruitment guidelines ensuring the staff employed meets all IHCS selection criteria. Our thorough interview process ensures we only employ highly trained, professional and committed staff.

Beyond employing professional and committed staff, IHCS is also proud to boast a culturally diverse staffing pool that bring a vast range of personal and life experiences to their work.

IHCS is recognised at spending time matching staff to individual’s ensuring their needs can be met and not in allocating staff to just have a shift filled, this is unfair for the client, staff, Service Providers, families or support workers as it sets people up to fail. IHCS was designed to address the needs of people – not the needs of a business; for this reason we understand the importance of successful client-staff interaction.





Melbourne, Australia